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The work-from-home dilemma and the lack of diversity in conference agendas

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As the InvestmentNews Podcast reaches its 80th episode, Bruce and Jeff tackle big industry issues with Brian Hart from KPMG, including when and how employees are expected to return to the office, and talk to Sonya Dreizler of, a trailblazer in the effort to set new industry standards for diversity at big conferences.

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Brian Hart leads KPMG’s Financial Services Regulatory and Compliance Risk Network in the U.S. In that capacity, he supports clients across the financial services and regulatory sectors to devise and implement large-scale programs that combine driving commercial benefits (lower cost, greater scalability and effectiveness of compliance and risk management programs) while improving alignment with regulatory expectations and improved risk-taking.

Sonya Dreizler is co-founder of Choir. She is an author and speaker, and an outspoken advocate for racial and gender equity in financial services. She has a 20-year history in the field, including serving as a broker-dealer and RIA executive.